As of today, apparently I have nothing to be proud of. This statement truly has been voiced by someone without knowing how it feels to love a man surrounded by water spending nearly every second upon a ship. He wakes up everyday, and breaks his boots in just like every other military man or woman defending our country. The rate located on their sleeve, over their heart, or even placed atop their cover makes no difference to me. Someone who signs up for the military, in my book, is a hero. Those people who speak of the military poorly; I’d give everything for you to sign up and go through what they do, without doing so, keep your mouth SHUT and sit back and be thankful that you have someone keeping you safe at night. I know, I couldn’t do it and for that reason alone - I have swore to love this man unconditionally until he makes it home safe again. It’s a blessing in itself to be engaged to the most wonderful man, and he does nothing but every hour, every minute, and every second of the day make me proud. All his life he has wanted nothing but to serve our country, and even put himself in the path of danger to save the life of a stranger. I am nothing, compared to the man who wakes up in the morning and stares at a uniform in the mirror. I worship the ground he walks on, for one day I fear he may never walk again. It’s the little things as a military significant other that makes it all worth while, and I will let every nay-sayer preach about “how I need to be put into my place”, because frankly, I don’t give a damn what you have to say. I am proud to love a man in the UNITED STATES NAVY, and I am damn proud to wake up everyday and be blessed with a text, phone - call, or email - I am proud. I look around and see these women and men, just alike me, looking at the positives and forgetting of the negatives.. Thank you all for being strong. Hooyah!